Skoči na glavno vsebino



The eve of May Day is traditionally celebrated with burning bonfires all over Slovenia. ‘Kresovanje’ is an old folk custom, when people light bonfires on the last April day and attach a red carnation in the buttonhole or on their jackets. The Slovenes submitted in the famous Guinness Book of Records with largest and the tallest bonfire (with a volume of 1, 715.7 m³ and a height of 34.44 m).

Teachers and pupils of the branch school Vrhpolje also prepared a small bonfire. In the evening parents joined us and together, by the fire, we listened to the sound of accordion, ate, drank, sang and rejoiced.

Pupils of the Branch school Vrhpolje with their teacher mentor Francka Pačnik


 kres 3




(C) Andreja Vavpetič & Zdenka Wicher


(Skupno 20 obiskov, današnjih obiskov 1)