Skoči na glavno vsebino

St. Gregory is also the patron saint of musicians and singers. He introduced Church singing – Gregorian chant. It is said that on St. Gregory ‘birds are getting married’, most probably due to the fact, that at this time there’s birds singing all around. The tradition has it, that on 12 March girls used to look at the sky. The flying direction of the first bird they saw, announced where their future husband was coming from. Saint Gregory’s Day is therefore also a lovers’ holiday.

In the afternoon care we organized several activities to celebrate this holiday:

  • On 9 March our pupil Blaž, along with his parents, prepared a surprise. He brought different material for producing hanging hearts with ‘bird lovers’ in the middle. In class he gave working instructions and very soon our classroom was beautifully decorated.

gregorjevo ptički se ženijo 3


  • Blaž also taught us a folk song When birds are getting married. We put it on stage and learned a special traditional dance that goes with it.




  • On Saint Gregory Day (12 March) children in the afternoon care produced so called ‘Gregories’ out of waste material. In the afternoon their parents joined and together they produced slightly different ‘Gregories’ – floating little houses with candles inside. On the same evening, accompanied by two firemen, we let our ‘Gregories’ float on a nearby stream.



gregorčki spuščanje 4

Children in the afternoon care and a folklore group

with their teacher mentor Marija Gotar




(C) Andreja Vavpetič & Zdenka Wicher




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