Skoči na glavno vsebino


With the help of their teachers Marija Gotar and Fani Pačnik as well as their grandmothers and women of Moravče handicraft section, our children prepared some delicious traditional dishes and sweets.

Marija’ folklore group together with women from Moravče handicraft section cooked sauerkraut with millet porridge, Slovenian porridge ‘močnik’ and stewed fruit. They were dressed in traditional costumes which made the event even more special.

Marija’s children in the afternoon care, with the help of their grandmothers, baked three sorts of traditional Slovene cookies.

Fani’s first class helped baking bread in the traditional way in the house of a friendly village woman. Together with the school cook Cirila they also prepared a typical Slovene dish buckwheat porridge with sour turnip and baked traditional cookies.

See how they enjoyed cooking, baking and tasting them, along with the recipes, pictures and videos. Yummy!


Homemade bread

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Bread tastes best when baked in a traditional tile oven. Housewives used to bake it twice a week. Nowadays it is baked only on special occasions. What a shame – it tastes sooo good!




Buckwheatporridge and sour turnip

kru repa piškoti ekobz 048Buckwheat porridge is an old Slovene traditional farmers’ dish. It is normally eaten together with sour turnip or sauerkraut. RECIPE.

Sauerkraut with millet porridge

DSCI0825Sauerkraut with millet porridge is a simple, economic, tasty and stodgy dish which can be served as a hot pot or together with roast pork, pork sausage or smoked ham. In the winter time it used to be eaten as a substitute for vegetables along with various porridges which belong to the oldest Slovene traditional cuisine. When eaten as a hot pot, it is usually garnished with brown cracklings before beeing served. RECIPE.

Slovenian porridge – ‘Močnik’

DSCI0825 - Copy - CopyThis dish, made of milk and eggs, was already eaten in the Middle Ages. According to the old documents, sweet ‘Močnik’ was eaten by the Slovene nobility. In the first half of the 20th century it was the most widely spread dish among town people as well as in the countryside. ‘Močnik’ is considered as a Slovene national dish, but it is only rarely eaten nowadays. RECIPE.

Stewed fruit

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Stewed fruit used to be prepared especially in summer time. Farmers took it along to the fields when thirsty or hungry. RECIPE.

Homemade biscuits



Marija’s class (children in the afternoon care)






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Fani’s first class (branch school Vrhpolje)


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