Skoči na glavno vsebino

Legend of Limbar Castle


In September the first formers in the afternoon care got to know The Legend of Limbar Castle. The legend comes from a place nearby and it is only right that our pupils should know it.

First we talked about how the castle might have looked like, which people lived in it and which animals they had in and around the castle.

Afterwards we read the legend aloud and the children liked it a lot.

We decided to make models of the main people and animals in the story. Once they were finished, the pupils took over the roles of the legend characters and acted them out – telling the story of their lives.

We also produced posters and Moravče coat of arms with a lily on it. In the end we proudly showed everything we had done and learned to the parents.

Marija Gotar and 1st class of the afternoon care



A long time ago, on a beautiful castle, a story of a fairy love started

Many years later a beautiful little girl was born on this castle. Her name was Lilija and everybody loved her. She grew up happily, with loving and caring parents.

Lilija liked long walks. She had her secret place by a stream. One day when she was sitting there, something very unusual happened. With animals around her she suddenly heard wonderful music, so wonderful that the animals stood still and she remained motionless. Lilija wanted to discover where the music was coming from. She saw a shadow of someone, who was playing a whistle. But when she called him, the shadow disappeared.

She was sad that she had chased away the one, who could play so beautifully. Every day she went to her secret place but she never heard that mysterious music again. She told her father, that she wanted this person to play at her birthday party. Her father sent his messengers all over the country to find the one who his daughter wished.

They were asking and looking for him everywhere. Finally they found a lonely cottage with an old woman. She had a son, a shepherd, but she did not know if he could play a whistle. At last she told the messenger the way to the mountains where he could go and look for her son. The messengers found the mountain and a boy. All of a sudden they heard the amazing melody, which Lilija dreamed about. Their horses stood still and they knew they found the right person.

In the castle everybody was happy and everything was prepared for the 16th birthday party of the beautiful princess. Suddenly they heard the magic whistle sound. A young man walked in and all people were stunned by the music. Lilija stared at the boy`s beautiful eyes. When he stopped playing, he smiled at her and disappeared.

When she was eighteen her father wanted to find an honourable husband for his dearest daughter. But Lilija told him, that she would only marry the one, who would bring her the most beautiful present and could play the most wonderful melody. Father sent his messengers to find the one who would bring his daughter the most beautiful present and could play the most wonderful melody. Young men from all over the country came to the castle. They brought presents and musicians, but Lilija refused everyone.

Lilija’s father was disappointed and he wished it was all over. When they announced the last man, Lilija hoped so much it would be him. He wore a long robe and a hat. In one hand he was carrying a whistle, in the other little flower stems which he put down and started playing. By the sound of his whistle the stems bloomed into beautiful lilies. Lilija recognised him and fell into his arms. The young man brought the most beautiful present – the lilies. He played the most wonderful melody, which warmed Lilija’s heart. Her father could not refuse the poor shepherd, when he saw the happiness in his beloved daughter’s eyes. They became husband and wife, had children and lived happily together.

Year after year more and more lilies grew on the Limbar hill. And even today you can see them blooming, where once stood a castle … where the story of a fairy love started.




(C) Andreja Vavpetič & Zdenka Wicher

(Skupno 9 obiskov, današnjih obiskov 1)