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Children in the afternoon care regularly learn about how to spend their free time usefully and creatively, including folk dances and traditional old-time children games. Children especially enjoy playing the games. This year we have already learned quite a few and we wanted to share them with pupils’ parents and grandparents. We organized an afternoon meeting where we presented some of the games and invited parents to play with us.



Marija Gotar and 1st Class of the Afternoon care


Children of the school Folklore group meet once a week. The group consists of 6 to 11 year olds, accompanied by an accordion player Blaž from 9th class. Within the Comenius project we learned some new folk dances and presented them to children’s parents. We invited them to dance along. Together we learned a dance called ‘Lapadu’ which we learned at the Comenius project meeting in Poland.

After the dancing we continued our meeting in the classroom where children and their parents made a simple folk instrument called ‘Nunalca’. They followed the instructions carefully and were proud of their final products. Accompanied by our accordion player we all together played and sang a popular folk song.

We spent a very nice and joyful afternoon together!


Marija Gotar with her folklore group



During the autumn holidays the teachers of our school attended dancing workshops, led by Marija Gotar. We wanted our teachers to get to know some almost forgotten folk dances. At the same time these workshops were organized according to Comenius project working agenda.

Our colleague Barbara, an excellent accordion player, contributed to a lively atmosphere and additionally motivated teachers to learn folk dances.






(C) Andreja Vavpetič & Zdenka Wicher

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