Skoči na glavno vsebino


Collection of old Christmas cards

In December the pupils and teachers in the project collected old Christmas cards.

Each of them is very special, with Christmas wishes written in the old handwriting.

They are exhibited in the school hall together with some other Christmas items and decorations.




Making of Christmas Cards

In the classrooms we talked about how people in the past celebrated Christmas and how they expressed wishes.

Christmas cards used to be made of simple materials.

Our pupils were also looking forward to make cards in the old way.

We decided for an embroidery technique because our children already had some needlework lessons in the first class and know how to use a needle. We chose a fairly simple design, draw it on the blackboard and started stitching! Not an easy work for our little hands – it demands a lot of patience and endurance.

But for us the final products were all pieces of art! What do you think?



Barbara Fale, Mija Zibelnik with Classes 2a and 3a


Christmas workshops

In December the teachers and pupils of the branch school Vrhpolje organized Christmas workshops for children and their parents. We produced Christmas wreaths, cards and decorations, using only natural materials such as hay, seeds and salt dough.

We spent a beautiful evening together … in a pleasant, festive atmosphere!



Francka Pačnik and other teachers and pupils of the branch school Vrhpolje



The children in the afternoon care produced Christmas cards in a sand technique. Some of them were sent to our Comenius partners abroad.

First we talked about Christmas cards in the past. They were beautifully made with old motives and designs, written in nice handwriting. People used to send them by regular post only.

Our group decided for a more ‘modern’ technique. We decided to make use of special fine quartz sand which our town Moravče is known for. Beside sand of different colours we needed strong glue, card paper and newspaper paper.

Because our first formers are still small for such a demanding technique, a few girls from the sixth class joined the class.

Why don’t you have a look at our photo gallery to see how we worked and had fun!


Marija Gotar and 1st Class of the Afternoon care



(C) Andreja Vavpetič & Zdenka Wicher


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