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Family represents a basic element in society.

druzinaChildren live in different families. Families differ in number of family members, way of life, living conditions, cultural and financial background etc.

Through history the role of family has changed a lot. In the past families had more family members. One of the grandmothers we had visited was a member of such a numerous family (16 children). Today an average family has got one to two children only as a result of different way of life.

In the past women stayed at home and looked after home and children – today they go to work and children stay in kindergarden. A family used to be ‘sacred’ but it is gradually loosing its importance.


Activities in October:

  • Visiting one of our pupil’s grandparents.
  • Visiting one of our pupil’s great grandmother.
  • Visiting an old house; observing old photos, old documents etc.
  • Pupils’ performance for older villagers.


Our pupils visited older villagers and got to know what life was like in the past. They listened to their stories, watched old photos and asked questions. They were especially interested in everyday life of children in the past: what clothes they wore, which food they ate, what kind of games they played, how they went to school…Talking to older people and listening to them was a great experience for both, the children and the grandparents.


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Activities in November:

With the use of old documents and photos as well as with the help of their parents and grandparents our pupils are making their own FAMILY TREES.



Activities in December:

In December we are planning a meeting with parents. We are going to prepare an exhibition of old photographs, old documents, other old items and our pupils’ family trees.


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(C) Andreja Vavpetič & Zdenka Wicher

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