Skoči na glavno vsebino

Slovenian folk tale MOJCA POKRAJCULJA

The first formers in the afternoon care like to spend time creatively. They especially enjoy listening to fairy tales and acting them out.

This year we put on stage a Slovenian folk tale ‘Mojca Pokrajculja’.


It’s about a girl who found a coin with which she bought a pot. The night came so fast that she had to spend the night in the forest. She decided to sleep in the pot. It was a very cold night and soon she heard the first knock on her door. Forest animals came to ask for shelter one after another. She accepted all if only they had at least one skill.

Among them was also a cunning fox that stole honey during the night and managed to make a poor rabbit seem guilty in the morning. The rabbit had to run away from the angry animals as fast as he could. While running away he broke both his front legs and since that day all his friends rabbits have front legs shorter that the back ones.


First of all we read the fairy tale, illustrated parts of it and made a brochure.

Then we started preparing a play. We learned the text, chose costumes, practiced well and in the end proudly presented the fairy tale to our parents and other children in the afternoon care.




(C) Andreja Vavpetič & Zdenka Wicher

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