Skoči na glavno vsebino


In November and December the teachers and pupils collected old toys. The collection of well preserved and adorable toys is exhibited in the school hall and adored especially by younger pupils and other school visitors.

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We decided to make a few toys and games ourselves and play with them, the way our grandparents used to play in the past.



A teddy bear is one of the cutest and most loveable toys.

Our grandmothers used to make them by hand. So we decided to learn how they did it.

We needed soft cloth, an easy pattern, scissors, lots of thread and ‘real’ needles. First we cut out the pieces of cloth and then we started sewing them together. Stitch after stitch … all done by ourselves! In the end we stuffed our teddy bears with watts and sewed their eyes and noses. Finally they all ended up in the arms of their proud owners. It was hard work and of course, we also got hurt by ‘misbehaved’ needles but it was worth it. But this is not all!

Our teddy bears will very soon travel all the way to Portugal to their new friends who will love them just as much.



Barbara Fale and Class 2 a





In November and December we talked a lot about celebrating Christmas in the past. Winter was the happiest season among children because this was the only time of the year when they could play with their parents.

Games in the past were mostly made at home, such as teddy bears, dolls, wooden toys…

Many games were very simple and we chose two of them and made them in the class.


A BUZZER (a game with a button)

For this game you only need a bigger button and a piece of strong thick thread. It’s quickly made and children don’t need to wait long to play with it. A game is called ‘a buzzer’ because it produces a pleasant buzzing sound while spinning.



A CRADLE (a game with a string)

This game is even easier to make. You only need a piece of  string and ‘four hands’.

It’s called ‘a cradle’ because its final shape which can be achieved forms a shape of a cradle.




Children still regularly play with these games during breaks and never get bored.

Easy games are fun!

Mija Zibelnik and Class 3 a



Spinning tops have been played with for centuries. They can be easily made at home.

We decided to use old CDs. First we painted the top of the CDs with bright and colourful designs. Then we glued both covers with cellophane and finally affixed short wooden sticks in the middle. And the tops were already prepared for spinning! The more colourful the labels the cooler they spin. Spinning is fun and spinning top competitions even more.

See who can spin for longest!


Marija Gotar and 1st Class of the Afternoon care


To find out how children played in the past, we visited some older villagers who were happy to talk about their childhood. We put out a questionnaire and talked about it in the classroom. We collected old toys and exhibited them for our parents and grandparents.

We also visited a 120 years old house, whose friendly owner Vinko Brodar showed us around. We really enjoyed listening to his stories, especially when he talked about how children used to spend free time and have fun with the simplest games.


Through all these activities we found out that children in the past had only little time to play because they had to help with the housework and on the farms. Mostly they played with stones, beans, chestnuts, sticks … and simple home-made games.

Our pupils got to know how children used to spend their free time and compared it with how children play nowadays.

Francka Pačnik and her First formers



(C) Andreja Vavpetič & Zdenka Wicher



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