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vegaslBaron Jurij Bartolomej Vega (March 23, 1754 – September 26, 1802) was a Slovene mathematician, physicist and artillery officer.

Born in Zagorica near Moravče and acquired his first school knowledge in parish house in Moravce. Our school is named after him.

Vega’s mathematical work is especially known for his books of logarithm tables with which he gained worldwide recognition and which were used for a long time after his death. The only Slovenian who deserved his coat of arms with his knowledge.




For more than a decade our school has traditionally celebrated Jurij Vega’s birthday with a quiz in the Moravče town hall. All children from kindergarten to the ninth grade take place – some as competitors and others as spectators. Each year children proudly show their knowledge of the life and work of this famous mathematician, after whom our school is named. In order to win, children also have to solve some real mathematical problems. The winners received a symbolic prize, but the others were also rewarded with a short concert of a famous pop singer Nina Pušlar. Morover, we could also enjoy the performances of our young musicians, actors and dancers.

Who won the quiz? Is it important? Not really! The ‘Vega’ motto is: WE ARE ALL VEGA, WE ARE ALL MEGA! We were having fun while celebrating and gaining new knowledge.



‘A SHEPPARD who knew how to count’ is the title of a story, which talks about Jurij Vega. It was written by the writer Mojiceja Podgoršek, who is also the librarian at our school. Pupils of the Class 2 A  listened with interest to this story. In the school library they met with the writer, who revealed many interesting facts about our famous mathematician.



The creation of busts of George Vega.
On the first floor of our school there is a bust of Jurij Vega which we first photographed and then made sculptures. The products were exhibited in the display case on the ground floor.

Marija Gotar and children of the afternoon care



(C) Andreja Vavpetič & Zdenka Wicher



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